Feeling concerned by
Canada’s anti-spam law?

Contrary to popular belief, the law does not only concern mass mailing or marketing companies. Canada’s new anti-spam law applies to each business e-mails sent from your business’ computer network.

Our solution is
simple, brilliant
and efficient.

Our solution supplies the necessary tools to 100% conform your company's outbound emails to the CASL.

A consent system
you can trust.

Avoid wasting time on your outbound e-mail conformance verifications; focus your efforts on what’s most important to your company.

Small, medium-size and large companies
Do your employees meet the three new requirements of Canada’s Anti-Spam Law when sending e-mails?

More information on CASL (Canada’s Anti-Spam Law)

CASL also called Canada’s Anti-Spam Law

Not only newsletters

Canada’s Anti-Spam Law applies to all commercial e-mails sent from your company’s network, even individual e-mails are subjected to this law.

Email Checker automates the law’s three requirement

Our system will allow your company to keep a record of each e-mail’s legitimacy without slowing down the sending process. Email Checker automatically enforce those 3 requirements.

Requirement #1
Preliminary consent verification

Our system makes sure that you have an EXPLICIT or IMPLIED consent prior to sending an e-mail. A missing consent will trigger a YELLOW or RED warning and the e-mail will temporarily be retained.


Requirement #2
Exclusion mechanism

An automated exclusion mechanism is appended at the end of each outgoing e-mail no matter which platform is used (computer or mobile).


Requirement #3
Proper identification

The name of the sender, the physical address and phone number of the company will be added. All employees’ signatures will be standardised, no matter which platform is used (computer or mobile). You can even add a teaser (image) that can be modified by a single click from the system administrator.


Our solution

Sprint Marketing developed an all-in-one solution to help Canadian SMEs (SMALL and MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISES) comply to the law every time an e-mail is sent.

"We were looking for a simple and effective way to help our customers to comply to the existing standards. The new law is not only applicable on commercial mass mailing: it is why it’s important to be able to manage all outgoing e-mails. Our automated solution can be integrated with all e-mail platforms: Microsoft Outlook, Exchange Waiter(Server), Exexchange 365, Googles Apps, Thunderbird, PhoenixMail, Opera, Windows, Android, Mac BONE, iOS, desktop computer, tablet, smart phone, etc."

Eric Thibodeau, President

Email Checker enforces CASL’s three requirements

Designed for
all company sizes.

No matter the size or e-mail volume of your company, our solution allow you to comply to the law.

A simple and flexible way to manage your e-mail listing.

All e-mail recipients are listed in the system and their status can easily be managed to insure that your consent database is up to date.

consent database.

The consent database insures your recipients are approved and that outgoing e-mails are conforming with the law. Clients can easily exclude themselves from your database at their convenience.

Secure database to protect your information.

All the information required to conform to the CASL are stocked in a private and highly secured database. Access to this key information can easily be accessed whenever it is required.