Hard to manually manage CASL

Requirement #1 Consent verification
It is impossible for your employees to manually insure that the company holds a valid consent for each addressee to whom an e-mail is sent. Moreover, what would you do to demonstrate your conformity in case of a fine by the CRTC.

Requirement #2 Exclusion Mechanism
A sentence such as: "To unsubscribe, contact our help desk at 888-888-8888." is an exclusion mechanism that is accepted by the law. But the stakes are high! Let’s say someone on your "unsubscribe" list does receive an e-mail from one of your employees, as the owner, are you willing to take that risk?

Requirement #3 Proper identification
Unfortunately for several companies, the "signature" in the footer of outgoing e-mails is managed by each employee creating a lack of uniformity among employees. It is the professional image of your company that suffers from it the most. Email Checker generates the signature’s format, no matter the employee or which platform is used.

Contrary to popular belief...

Canada’s anti-spam law (CASL) not only concerns mass mailing but every business e-mail sent by each one of your employees from your business’ computer network no matter the volume or the identity of the sender. The law does not provide any exception for individual e-mails sent by your Outlook mailbox or other platforms.

The solution

Email Checker is THE solution to Canada’s Anti-Spam Law

The system takes care of all your company’s outgoing e-mails regardless of the sending platform.
From the verification of outgoing e-mails to the unsubscription mechanism, our solution also helps you manage important information such as; the date and time at which the e-mail was sent, the proof and source of the customer consent. Your company could save time by using an automated process and easy to use interfaces. The risk will be limited thanks to the consents’ reliable data. The solution was designed to comply with existing standards. It can easily be integrated to any messaging platform: Microsoft Outlook, Server Exchange, Exchange 365, Google Apps, Thunderbird, PhoenixMail, Opera, Windows, Android, Mac OS, iOS, desktop computer, tablet, smart phone, etc.


More time

Save time thanks to an automated process and simple interfaces.

Lower risk

Lower your risk with comprehensive reports.

Hassle free

Get rid of the hassle and put all the efforts towards what’s important to your business.

Strong compliance

This solution will make sure that you meet CASL’s highest standards.