Mécanismes d'exclusions LCAP

We will supply a functional unsubscription link in every outgoing company e-mail.

Each outgoing business e-mail will automatically include an unsubscription link allowing the addressee to exclude themselves from the consent database. Contact us for more details.


We will warn you if an e-mail address isn’t listed in your consent database.

You will receive a YELLOW warning when an e-mail address has no consent or a RED warning when the recipient has willingly unsubscribed.

Warnings LCAP


Settings du système LCAP

We offer you the possibility to customize your parameters based on your needs.

The option allows you to personalize the consent form to the type of consent required by your company.


The implementation of your new consent management system is very simple.

Once your account is opened with us:
For most businesses, the three steps configuration is quite simple, no need to be an expert. An how to video ( less than 2 minutes) is available for every platform.

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • E-mail for Mac
  • Thunderbird
  • PhoenixMail
  • Opera
  • Apple, Android and Windows smartphone
  • Apple, Android and Windows tablet
  • etc.

Step 1: SPF & DKIM records adjustments on registered domains.
Step 2: E-mail Checker software installation (Outlook) or manual SMTP configuration modification (Others).
Step 3: E-mail signature configuration (except Outlook).
Installation is less than 5 minutes per station.

For businesses using Exchange Server, Office 365 or Google Apps, the configuration is even faster!
Step 1: SPF & DKIM records adjustments on registered domains.
Step 2: Initial server configuration.
Step 3: E-mail Checker software installation on every station (Exchange server).
Step 4: E-mail signature configuration (except Exchange Server).

We also support outbound anti-spam filters, such as Zero Spam.
An installation help line is available from 8:30 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

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